Advanced Myofascial & Myoskeletal Seminar

Advanced Myofascial & Myoskeletal Techniques for the Shoulder, Neck & Head

Presented by Til Luchau & Aubrey Gowing

Join internationally renowned educators, Til Luchau and Aubrey Gowing for three days of exceptional training.

In this very special Shoulder, Neck and Head Seminar, you will learn practical and effective approaches for finding and treating chronic cervical, cranial and shoulder pain problems.

The Myoskeletal shoulder techniques pioneered by renowned manual therapy innovator Erik Dalton combine soft tissue and joint stretching routines that positively impact the brain's sensory receptor system. By downgrading noxious input to the central nervous system, the client experiences less protective muscle guarding, reduced stress, and enhanced pain relief. Aubrey will add his unique perspective by providing participants with an "easy to grasp" formula for assessing and treating common conditions such as rotator cuff tendinopathy and radicular nerve entrapment pain.

Til Luchau will present two of his excellent Advanced-Trainings modules.
NECK, JAW, & HEAD, Part I & Part II:
Learn highly effective Advanced Myofascial Techniques for reducing pain and balancing neck function. Dramatically improve your ability to work with: fixations, whiplash, migraines, jaw issues ...and more.


Dates: Wed 20th, Thurs 21st & Fri 22nd of November 2019

Times: 9am to 6pm

Venue: Bloomfield hotel, Belvedere, Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland N91 HP8E

Price: € 425

- Early bird discount when booking before 2nd of October € 395

(IMTA members € 375)


Day one - Wednesday 20th of November,
Myoskeletal Alignment with Aubrey Gowing
The Shoulder:
Myofascial Pectoralis major release
STR for the attachment of platysma and subclavius
Subclavius Release using myofascial technique
Webbing Technique to drop humeral head
Myofascial stripping for lateral deltoid
Release adhesion in bicep tendon
Myofascial technique for Infraspinatus
Arm sequence
Myofascial technique for anterior deltoid and biceps
STR and 'fascial bag' release for bicep
Myofascial technique applied to the forearm flexors
Active engagement

Day two - Thursday 21st of November,
Til Luchau, Advanced Myofascial Techniques
NECK, JAW, & HEAD, Part I:
Cervical sleeve sequence
Vestibular/Orienting Release
Images courtesy of Aubrey Gowing & Holistic College Dublin
Mother Cat
Neck/Shoulder Girdle Differentiation
Upper Rib Release
Isolated Cervical Circumduction
Neck / Torso Release
SCM: Sternal Attachments
SI Wedge
Cervical core sequence
Nod Test
Posterior Cervicals: Wedges
Anterior Scalenes
Vertebral Translation
Cervical Rotation A: Fl/Ext
Cervical Rotation B: Sidebending
Nuchal "Window"

Day three - Friday 22nd of November,

Til Luchau, Advanced Myofascial Techniques
"Fly Landing"
Jaw/Cervicals Bucket Handle
Larynx, Voicebox
Digastrics, Floor of Mouth: ÒBulldogÓ
Maxilla: Lifting
Galea Aponeurotica
Cranial Vectors
Image used courtesy of Advanced-Trainings
Towel Work
Dial Test and Release: C1 on C2
Egg Cup: A/O Glide
Xiphoid / Halux Hold
Sitting Neck Work
Presentations include some of the most advanced anatomy 3D imaging from 3D4 Medical and Primal images to enhance your learning!

Images used courtesy of Advanced-Trainings, Primal Images and Aubrey Gowing HCD


Freedom From Pain Institute® recognises the Myoskeletal portion of this seminar as live workshop hours for participation in the Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) program.
The Advanced-Trainings portion of this seminar is approved for professional Continuing Education credit by NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP and more.
This course is also recognised by the Complementary Health Professionals in the UK and by the Irish Massage Therapists Association in Ireland for CPD points.

Hotel Reservations:

Please contact Bloomfield Hotel for room reservations. Ph. +353 (0)44 934 0894 email:
A seminar special is available for participants who wish to stay in the hotel. The per night rate is €65.00 per single bedroom, €50.00 pps per twin room – inclusive of breakfast. Parking at the hotel is free to all guests.

Workshop Time:

9am - 6 pm (Sign in starts at 8:30 am on Wednesday).
Please bring a pen and notepaper, a pillowcase, a towel. A warm top, comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended e.g. polo top/t-shirt, sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers are ideal. A minimum of a level 3 massage qualification is a prerequisite for participation in this course.


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