Bowen Therapy Sessions

NST is a branch of Bowen therapy developed in the mid nineties. It is a gentle, relaxing and effective way of working with our own self-regulating systems. It is suitable for all ages, has no contraindications and can be applied directly to the skin or through light clothing such as T-shirt and leggings, shorts or light tracksuit.

What a session involves - and what to bring with you

A session is an hour in duration. This time is spent lying down on a massage table, with calm moments for relaxation and healing, between times when Bowen movements are applied. For comfort it is recommended that you bring a light blanked and one pillow. These are not essential, but lying still for a one hour session will cause body temperature to drop slightly. Approximately ten participants are treated in a session. Sessions are booked in groups of three, to run over three consecutive weeks for optimum outcomes. Information leaflets with home care advice appropriate to each session will be provided with an optional response and feedback form.

When booking your sessions please provide information on any health issues you wish to address.

Cost: Single one hour session €25, course of three one hour sessions €65 (Save €10!)

Dates group of 3 Sessions:

Next Session starting September 2016

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Posture and Organ function

The technique uses cross-fibre ‘moves’ to stimulate sensory nerves. This in turn stimulates the body’s self-regulating Autonomic Nervous System that regulates tone in muscles. Muscles that are weak and inhibited, are stimulated to increase their resting tone, while muscles that are tight and over stimulated begin to relax. This system is unique in its approach to correcting postural imbalances and treating chronic and acute pain. Instead of the traditional model of identify the imbalance and than try to manually correct and reposition muscles and joints, NST stimulates the body to find its own balance.

This is a systemic response that effects not only skeletal muscle, but the smooth muscle in the blood vesicles and organs, Cardiac muscle in the Heart and the specialised muscle cells found in fascia, effecting change at a cellular level. The treatment also effects kidney function, endocrine glands and blood pressure.

The Autonomic Nervous system also controls the Gastrointestinal System, and so the treatment has a direct effect on digestive organs and is beneficial for all digestive disorders.

Relaxation Response

Our stress and relaxation responses are controlled by the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous system, two of the major branches of the Autonomic nervous system. With this in mind it is easy to see why NST’s has a strong relaxation effect. Group NST sessions are part treatment, part relaxation class, with time given over to relaxation and autonomic correction between the application of moves.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Limbic System is also effected by treatment. As this is the part of the nervous system responsible for emotions, many people feel an emotional response at the time of treatment or in the days after a session. This is a processing response that allows emotional blocks or upsets to be expressed and moved passed.

Of perhaps the greatest importance to people interested in the healing aspects of bodywork and meditation, NST has its most profound effect in allowing energy pathways to clear. People feel lighter, freer, healthy and happy. Many feel a greater sense of clarity and positivity, especially after two or three sessions.

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