All Sports Massage Courses

Sports Massage has three levels of qualification.

The level 3 Sports Massage program provides learners with the foundation skills to provide a highly effective Pre-event, Post-event and conditioning massage to non-injured sports people to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The level 4 Certificate program progresses the therapists understanding from general sports massage practice to the assessment and treatment of specific sports injuries. Advanced Sports massage techniques and corrective exercises will enable the therapist to effectively aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of common sports injuries. Therapists will gain invaluable experience as they complete assignments designed to develop active learning skills. These include an essay to develop clinical reasoning, assessment and treatment case studies.

The level 5 Certificate program progresses the Sports Massage therapists understanding to the most advanced and comprehensive level of assessment, treatment and design of rehabilitation programs, to address the most complex Myoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions. This is an exceptionally practical module with 85% of class time devoted to hands-on manual therapy techniques. Therapists will also complet 2 essays to evaluate research and  further develop critical thinking, while also completing detailed Neural & Ligamentous assessment and treatment case studies.

Level 3 Sports Massage Prerequisite - None
Level 4 Certificate Prerequisite - Level 3 qualification e.g.. level 3 Sports massage, Holistic massage or Swedish massage
Level 5 Certificate Prerequisite - Level 4 qualification in Sports massage

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