Indian Head Massage Course – Swords

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment applied to the head, neck, shoulders and arms. It reduces muscle tension, stimulates circulation and helps alleviate headaches and eye strain. This Course teaches a specific connect-in technique which is applied to the shoulder, neck and arms, mobility work on the scalp and acupressure points on the face and ears.

Approximately 75% of the course time is devoted to practical techniques. The theory component includes a review of anatomy and physiology, different oils that can be used in Indian Head Massage, the structure and growth cycle of the hair, the position of the Chakras and an understanding of the three Doshas.

This is a versatile treatment as it does not require oil or equipment. It is particularly suitable for corporate or on-site events.

Course Syllabus

  • History of Indian Head Massage
  • Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Contra-indications to Indian Head Massage
  • Use of specific aids
  • Chakras, Doshas and Marma points
  • Structure / growth of the hair
  • Conditions affecting the scalp, neck and shoulders
  • Integral biology and other therapies
  • Effects of each stroke
  • Preparation for treatment
  • Sequence of strokes
  • Review of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Taking of case histories
  • Client handling / care


Cost of Course:

Course fee: €300

Required Books

Students will be given a course manual


9 case studies (3 people x 3 treatments each)

Each Student Requires

  • 1 Towel

Venue: 14 Main Street, Swords

Times & Dates:

September 2018
Friday 7pm - 10pm 14th
September 2018
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm 15th, 16th

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