September Myoskeletal Weekend Seminar

Add a new Skeletal dimension to your therapy practice with Myoskeletal Therapy - ‘Techniques Tour’ seminar.

*Venue: Holistic College Dublin, Unit 5, 14 Main Street, Swords, County Dublin.

Our New Myoskeletal Therapy™ - Upper Body ‘Techniques Tour’ seminar will allow you to incorporate exciting and effective new deep tissue, joint mobilisation, and myofascial techniques into your existing skill set. Learn techniques to treat bones and their joints as you would other tissues, using the bones as leavers to mobilize soft tissues. This Joint mobilizing aspect is often the missing key in therapy sessions that can quickly unlock chronic pain conditions.

‘If a Joint is not moving freely, the surrounding soft tissue will be dysfunctional.’

On our September Myoskeletal Weekend Seminar you will learn practical and effective approaches for finding and treating chronic pain problems in the Back, Shoulders, Neck and TMJ. Our goal is to enhance your skills, improve your results, and build your practice.



  • Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of September 2017

Times: 10am to 6pm

Venue: Holistic College Dublin, Unit 5, 14 Main Street, Swords, County Dublin.

Price: € 275 . To book your place simply pay a deposit of €50


This visually stimulating Back, Shoulder, Neck and TMJ seminar is based on Dr. Vladimir Janda’s famous “Upper & Lower Crossed Syndrome” patterns. By combining Aubrey Gowing's assessment and treatment protocols with Erik Dalton’s techniques and Janda’s Dysfunction theories, therapists can quickly identify and treat common pain-producing conditions such as Hyperkyphosis, Locked Facet Joints, Rotator Cuff Pain and TMJD. Specially designed for practicing bodyworkers, these dynamic techniques will add value to your skill-set, speed up results, and increase referrals.

This seminar includes techniques and treatment sequences for:


  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Dowergers Hump
  • Hyperkyphosis & Flat Spots
  • Restoring Lumbar Curv
  • Facet Opening for Low Back Pain
  • Simplifing Scoliosis


  • Pec Release - Reposition ScapulaShoulder Function & Dysfunction
  • Shoulder Function & Dysfunction
  • Crossed Posture Corrections
  • Mobilise & Treat The Sternoclavicular joint
  • Assess & Treat The Acromioclavicular joint
  • Rhomboids, Traps & Rotator Cuff Pain

Neck & Jaw:

  • O-A Release
  • Alternate O-A Release
  • Upper Cervical Atlas-Axis
  • Neck Flexion Test & Treat
  • Anterior Scalene Technique
  • Treating TMJ Pain

Option to purchace Erik Daltons Techniuque Tour which includes:

Full colour Technique manual

3 visually stimulating DVDs with step-by-step instruction

DVD 1: Presets Iliosacral Alignment techniques, Alternate O-A, Plantar Fasciitis, Pec Release - Reposition Scapula, Spinal Stenosis, Glute Max Spindle-Stim, Coccyx... Seat of the Soul, Dowager’s Hump, Hip Arthritis & Low Back Pain, Janda’s Upper Crossed Correction.

DVD 2: Presets Hamstring (fascial bag) Release, Rhomboids, Traps & Rotator Cuff, SI Joint Dysfunction, O-A Release,Upper Cervical Atlas-Axis, Foot, Ankle, Knee Alignment, DonTigny SI Joint Routine, Neck Flexion Test & Treat, Anterior Scalene Technique, Hiatal Hernia Technique, Abdominal Scar Release.

DVD 3: Treating TMJ Pain, Sacral Base Decompression, Hyperkyphosis & Flat Spots, Shoulder Girdle Function & Dysfunction, Mobilize Sternoclavicular Joint, Assess & Treat Acromioclavicular Joint, Restoring Lumbar Curve, Facet Opening for Low Back Pain, Simplifying Scoliosis, Closing Stretches


Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Orthopaedic Massage or equivalent

What participants are saying about our Myoskeletal Seminars:

"This course was well thought out, well structured, with plenty of useful techniques and enough time to understand their purpose, the application and the assessment of the result. Personally, I have already used all of the techniques and found them very effective. I don’t think I have taken away as much usable techniques before and felt fully confident of them..."

"The course added a vital layer of understanding to bodywork over sports and orthopaedic massage which focuses more on myofascial. The application of the myoskeletal along side myofascial makes for very powerful work. Also the extra focus on techniques for awakening the nervous system of weaker muscles brought this into more clarity. And this is such a vital area. Already two weeks after taking the course I am getting improved results with my clients."


Theory assessment: 20 MCQ
Practical assessment: Sample of techniques working on the instructor.

Each student is required to bring to class:

2 Pillows
2 Pillow Cases
2 Towels
A pair of shorts
Comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended e.g. polo top/t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms/leggings and trainers are ideal.

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