Stone Therapy Massage Course

This course incorporates the use of hot and cold stones to provide a deeply relaxing full body and facial massage. This therapy works on the principle of geothermotherpay (alternating temperatures with hot and cold stones) which can penetrate the body up to a depth of 4cm. Stone therapy uses various types of stones including basalt, jade and marine stones like marble / sardonyx.

Course Syllabus:

  • History of Stone massage
  • Preparation and equipment for Stone Massage
  • Effects and benefits of Stone Massage
  • Priniciples of geothermotherpay
  • The formation and composition of stones
  • Stones used for hot and cold applications
  • The location of the chakras and related organs / glands, colour, element and gemstones
  • Definition of the strokes of Stone Massage (including effleurage, petrissage, trigger point work, cross-fiber friction, holding, tapping and vibration) bud technique and chakra work
  • Sequence of strokes (full body, facial and scalp massage)
  • Care and cleansing of stones
  • Safe use of the stone heater
  • Placement of stones in the heater
  • Placement of stones on the client
  • Precautions when working with stones
  • Contraindications to Stone Massage
  • First aid
  • Thermal safety tests and tactile tests
  • Integral biology
  • Other complementary therapies
  • Terminology and definitions associated with Stone Therapy e.g. conduction and convection
  • Care of the Client:
    • Record Keeping
    • Taking a case history
    • Verbal communication skills
    • Confidentiality
    • Professionalism
  • Care of the Therapist:
    • Postural awareness
    • safe application of techniques and body mechanics
  • Relaxation – simple techniques for real relaxation. Learn how to contact the healing energy in the body and how to use it when doing Stone Therapy massage

Examinations and Certification

  • Diploma awarded by ITEC


Diploma in Holistic Massage including level 3 Anatomy & Physiology or equivalent

Cost of Course

Course Fee: €1150 (inclusive of Exam Fee)

Required Book

  • The Official LaStone Therapy Manual By Mary Nelson
  • Students will be provided with a course manual


Practical examination
Theory examination
Continuous Assessment
9 Case Studies

Holistic College Dublin results in Stone Therapy Massage exams

The diploma issued by ITEC lists the student's overall grade in terms of a pass, credit or distinction. An average of the theory and practical marks is combined to obtain the final grade.

A pass grade is between 60% - 74%, A credit is between 75% - 89% and a distinction is between 90% - 100%.

Percentage of our students achieving each grade to date in 2010

Fail           Pass              Credit              Distinction

0%              0%                62%                   38%

Each Student Requires

  • 2 Pillows
  • 2 Pillow Cases
  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • Free polo shirt provided for colleg
  • A uniform is required for the practical examination:
    • Black Polo Shirt
    • Black Tracksuit bottoms
    • Black Footwear

Times & Dates

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