Poland seminar

Intensive week long training in Poland for Complex Massage Techniques

Holistic College Dublin is renowned for the most comprehensive, cutting edge sports massage program in Ireland. Now we are bringing our expertise to Poznan, Poland. This seminar includes concepts, special tests and head to toe treatment techniques used in Myofascial release, Orthopeadic Massage and Myoskeletal techniques.

Starting Date: Monday 29th January 2018 - Completion Date: Sunday 4th February 2018

Times: Monday - Thursday, day off Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 10am - 6pm each day

Venue: Kompleks sportowo-rekreacyjny, Termy Maltańskie, ul. Termalna 1, 61 - 028 Poznań

Price: € 600 or 2400 zł (excludes flights and accommodation)

We are very excited to announce our first seminar in Poznań, Poland. Poznań is known for it’s universities as well as its old town, with beautiful Renaissance-style buildings in Old Market Square, just 10 minutes from our training venue on the banks of the picturesque lake Malta.

The advanced techniques covered will include:

  • Connective Tissue Massage (CTM)
  • Soft Tissue Release (STR)
  • Neuro-Muscular Technique (NMT)
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Positional release and strain/counter strain
  • Myofascial Massage
  • Orthopaedic Massage Joint capsule release techniques
  • Myoskeletal Joint Mobilising Techniques


Seminar content:

    • Postural assessment
      • Muscle firing order
      • Upper and lower crossed syndromes
      • Pelvic torsion, rotation and up-slip patterns
    • Low back techniques
      • Correct Erector migration
      • Spindle stim for weak Glut Max
      • Myofascial Massage
      • Treat hamstring fascial envelopes
      • Treat Sacrotuberous, Sacroiliac and Iliolumbar ligaments
      • Mobilise the sacral base
    • Spinal Biomechanics
      • Closing and opening lumbar facets.
      • Pubic symphysis alignment technique
      • Decompressing the pelvis and lumbar spine
      • De-rotating the pelvis
      • Iliosacral correction
    • Neck & Shoulder routine
      • Facet joint opening and closing
      • Treat muscle attachments at occipital ridge
      • longus capitis and longus colli treatment
      • Scrub the laminal groove
      • Mobilisation of the Hyoid
      • MET to realign C1/C2
    • Rehabilitation exercises
      • Effects and benefits of stretching
      • Advantages of Active Isolated Stretching
      • Restoring muscle balance
    • Review of the Muscular System
      • Origin, insertion and action of the superficial and deep muscles of the body
    • Care of the Therapist:
      • Postural awareness and appropriate use if body mechanics
      • Joint alignment
      • Self treatment and stretching

email info@hcd.ie for more information

Flights & Accommodation:

Ryanair fly direct Dublin to Poznan. Prices for return flights start at just €63*
The nearest hotel is Novotel Poznan Malta.
This is just 350 meters form the training venue and room rates start at €525 for 8 nights*
Malta Premium is a little further (20min walk) and room rates start at €560 for 8 nights*
*As of 15th Sept '17

For booking contact:

Agata Konarska email: Training.mtg@gmail.com

Phone 662310264

Co-organizer:  Training and Implementation Center Marek Szarata  ul. Karpacka 54  85-164 Bydgoszcz

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