Functional Stretching and Strengthening DVD

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This DVD presentation demonstrates a unique functional sequence of stretching and strengthening exercises for over 50 muscles and includes many functional exercises and therapist assisted stretches.

Benefits include:

  • To improve posture
  • Alleviate patterns of chronic strain/pain
  • Promote muscle balance
  • Off set the negative effects of poor work ergonomics
  • Improve sports performance
  • Reduce the risk of sports injuries
  • Maintain the effects of Therapeutic and Sports Massage

This exercise demonstration will include the most up to date, internationally accepted information on Active Isolated Stretching and the use of resistance bands for strength and conditioning exercises.

This DVD is intended as a guide to stretching and Strength training to encourage muscle balance.
If you have any concerns or pre-existing health problems please consult your Doctor or another health care professional before undertaking any of these exercises.

Alison Kavanagh and Aubrey Gowing are the directors of Holistic College Dublin and have provided comprehensive, professional training for 25 years, in a wide range of therapies from foundation courses to the most advanced clinical and therapeutic training in Ireland.

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