Reflexology DVD

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Reflexology is a system of working reflexes points in the feet, which correspond to every organ and gland in the body. It is used to bring about a deep level of relaxation and it is of particular benefit in dealing with congestion.

This DVD presentation demonstrates a unique and comprehensive sequence for performing a Reflexology treatment. Particular emphasis is given to appropriate holds, the location of individual reflexes on each foot and methods of pinpointing reflexes.

This acts as an aid for students and therapists to provide a full, comfortable and effective Reflexology treatment. A detailed explanation of the techniques follows a real time demonstration of a Reflexology session as well as individual chapters for quick, section-by-section reference. This is a companion guide to our diploma course and is not intended to replace formal training.

Alison Kavanagh and Aubrey Gowing are
the directors of Holistic College Dublin
and have provided comprehensive, professional training for 25 years, in a wide range of therapies from foundation courses to the most advanced clinical and therapeutic training in Ireland. Our training programs are recognized for excellence in training standards.

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