Therapeutic Runners Legs

On this four part advanced training course you will learn an effective massage to alleviate common aches and pains expericenced by:

Runners - who will be prone to planter fasicitis symptoms and syndrome
Dancers - who experience knee pain from dysfunctional Hamstrings and Quadriceps
Skiers - who can suffer from Patellar misalignment
People who spend prolonged periods standing - who can suffer from leg cramps and poor circulation

Myofascial massage techniques make this Therapeutic Leg massage both fast and effective in reducing pain, increasing circulation and restoring function. Active Isolation Stretching will be used to restore range of motion and provide effective home care advice. Training will focus on restoring muscle balance, correcting fasical migration patterns, Connective Tissue and Myofascial Massage techniques and the development of palpation skills.


The award is issued by the Holistic College Dublin.


ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage including level 3 Anatomy & Physiology or equivalent

Cost of Course


Recommended Books

  • The Concise Book of Muscles By Chris Jarmey


This award is based on five case studies, a theory assessment consisting of 20 MCQ's and practical assessment, where students will work on an instructor to accurately evaluate their practical skills.

Each Student Requires

  • 1 Pillow
  • 1 Pillow Case
  • 2 Towels

Times & Dates

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