Plantar Fasciitis - Online Class (25th of October 2021)

EUR 50.00

Join our Corrective Manual Therapy (CMT) virtual class from anywhere in the world!

Our New Corrective Manual Therapy classes are a great way to build to mastery with small, manageable micro modules.



Each class in this CMT series will focus on a specific body region, anatomical structure or common dysfunction. To understand the mechanics of each of the structures in question we will explore the underpinning theory, including rationale, cautions and contraindications as relevant. We will then move into targeted assessment, informing our move to treatment techniques for restoring extensibility, tissue texture and optimal tone. We close each module with specific Home Retraining exercises and a Q&A session. This is the roadmap to success, helping you fast-track results even in complex cases. This Corrective Manual Therapy approach will provide a framework, a logical sequence in which to practice while blending seamlessly with all of your existing, highly effective, favorite techniques across multiple modalities. CMT online classes that are approximately an hour and fifteen minutes in duration. Recordings of each class will be made available after each event with unlimited access!

Each class will consist of:

  • Discussion of the topic
  • Anatomy review
  • Assessments and clinical reasoning
  • Treatment
  • Home retraining
  • Q&A